July 11, 2013

Finally! Mina Prints is open!

 I've been slowly, slowly, slowly inching away at opening my own shop with my screenprinted fabrics and the day is finally here! Mina Prints is open! Or head straight on over to my esty shop and start peeking around.


I have currently have seven designs in four colors. All very simple. The perfect fabrics to pair with lots of white and other solids. This has been a goal of mine for a while now and I couldn't be more excited!


Hip hip hooray!


And a little sneak peak of Mina Prints in action:

quilted table topper2 blog

May 8, 2013

i guess that's what's called a hiatus

Another big break in my crafting. Its never planned. It just happens. Months pass. Things happen. You know the drill. At any rate, I actually have gotten my hands into a few things.

journal cover5

Like this journal cover here (tutorial from bloomandblossom.blogspot.com). Not that I have a journal to cover.


And these coasters (tutorial from sometimescrafter.blogspot.com).

round bucket7 And of course, the round bucket (tutorial from Film in the Fridge).

I've also been immersed in my screen-printed fabrics. As it turns out, it takes a load of research and experimentation to get things good. No surprise there. Oh, and there's Little Man, of course (who now prefers to be called a "big boy little guy"), who is really my number one project.

Other highlights from recent history:
* trips to Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Mojave and of course, PDX.
* teaching four classes this semester
* continuing my complete and total cooking revolution (going on seven months now) by following and loving the meal plans from Superhealthykids. Game changer, people, game changer.

November 20, 2012

finished: paddle pillow

paddle pillow3

It's done! This is the first thing that I've made using my own hand-printed fabric. The paddle is one of my first and favorite designs.

paddle pillow5

And of course, I love sewing with white fabric (who cares about getting dirty?) and this pillow is no exception.

paddle pillow4

oh yes, and my love of straight line quilting yet again!

paddle pillow7

Other good things:
*I simply can't get enough of Super Healthy Kids - its packed with so many fun and easy recipe ideas for Little Man (and Big Man). Nearly every recipe I've tried has been deeeelish!!!
*Nice start to the rainy season here
*Holiday season! We can't wait to start all sorts of traditions for Little Man.

November 1, 2012

paddle pillow sneak peak

paddle pillow

Is it possible that a mere 24 hours after lamenting that I've done nothing in the crafting arena that I did something? Yes! I simply made myself take a day off from teaching. As it turns out, teaching online can be pretty all consuming - I'm just now learning how to draw borders around it.

I've been waiting for months to sew with some of my hand-printed/screened fabrics! I can't tell you the silly joy that I get out of sewing with my own creations...blissful. I started a little pillow - what with pillows being my favorite type of project these days. Hopefully it will get finished up soon here.

Other good things in life:
*I've been going for bike rides lately while Little Man is at preschool. Monumental for a variety of reasons.
*Fall is here
*My heart almost broke with love at how cute Little Man was for his first trick-or-treating.
*I've been cooking up a storm! You can see the recipes I'm into over here on pinterest.

October 31, 2012

and yes, the frayed binding again!

There's my quilted pillow (make with fabric from Umbrella Prints) with frayed binding again - but this time the picture is from inside of International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene 2012. Pick up your copy today! (picture courtesy of Interweave).

Other than this exciting crafting moment, you will note that I have done little-to-nothing in the crafting sphere for quite some time. I keep thinking I'll get a break between my classes - but somehow that time gets spent getting ready for the next round of teaching. I feel some creativity stewing though...

August 10, 2012

frayed binding, round two

pams pillows

Just put the finishing touches on two pillows that I'm making for someone exciting! Fabric is from Umbrella Prints - love their trimmings!

July 7, 2012

on the horizon

umbrella prints trimmings

I can feel some free time approaching on the horizon. My online class is moving towards the finish line, which means expanded craft time. I only have six weeks off between classes this time - so it will be crunch-craft-time.

I'm making two pillows for a friend (with the Umbrella Prints Trimmings shown above) - just like the pillow I made for the Trimming contest. Then I have a quilt that another friend asked me to finish for her...which has been waiting in the wings way too long.

And I can't wait to get back to my hand-printed fabrics!

Other good things lately:
*Little Man has taken to potty training like a champ
*Our garden is doing awesome (sort of)
*We had our first tomatoes last night
*Little Man has also taken to really playing with toys and having imaginary games and whatnot
*Little Man has started at a little preschool two mornings a week. heartbreaker at first, but better now.

June 11, 2012

sneak peak!

CinC screen shot

Here's a sneak peak at my article in the newest issue of Collage in Color (Volume 2).

iPad users - You can get your copy here!

May 27, 2012

to the best of my knowledge...

i have an article in the newest issue of Collage in Color Volume 2! The tricky part is that I don't have an iPad and the issue is only available for iPad. Below is the video for the eMag and the subsequent link to the iTunes store. Here's the table of contents from the Interweave store.

I'll be getting a PDF soon from the editors - so I'll be able to see the article in full. The article is about making these tags.

fun fun!

I know i've been incredibly absent on the blog front. I'm busy, busy, busy at work building the online content for the Intro to Information Literacy class that I'm teaching this summer. Deadline quickly approaching!

April 24, 2012

gettin' there

simples foursome

I completely and totally believe in the following question/answer: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

simples pack

Thanks to my friend (with the initials JO) from my old job for handing me these words one fine day.

simples foursome3
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